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Providing Strong Renewable Energy Careers

Offering Training to Help You Find an Environmental Career

Building a strong future for one's self starts with finding the right job. Since 2012, PPRE-4-evergreen has connected motivated individuals with renewable energy jobs.

Green Training Proposal

Skilled Workers

Preparing You for the Career of Your Dreams

We offer training for people looking to advance in their career, change careers, or become a skilled worker. We work with individuals that have jobs already, as well as those that do not have experience and need additional help. Our company assists not only by providing training, but also by placing skilled workers in jobs that suit them. We try to find permanent placements whenever possible, but sometimes we may only find a temporary placement ranging from 8 months to 3 years.

Our Charlotte, North Carolina-based company requires training, in order to establish a strong qualifying process for all of our workers, in North Carolina, New Jersey, and Puerto Rico. Our training programs run 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the career selected. We have case management services in place to ensure all workers are set to develop their career in the right direction. Our organization works with OneStop centers and the Department of Labor to create the best opportunities for those looking for work.

Offering the Services You Need to Succeed

In addition to helping people find environmental careers, we assist individuals in attaining their GED or high school diploma. We provide financial literacy services, which is training about money and time management. For those in need of living quarters, we help to locate suitable places to stay. We are currently working with Great Bear Construction and Crest Hill REALTORs® in our first joint effort to establish our first 4-story studio apartment  building with 54-bedroom units that is completely energy efficient for people to live in. Our goal is to develop affordable housing in each state that we operate in for the Green Skills Work Force Development Crew.

Ultimately, we want to assist individuals facing all kinds of issues, including drug problems. We empower those struggling with addiction through rehab, aftercare, and counseling. Our holistic efforts are meant to strengthen individuals to create a better future for all of us. Get in touch with us soon to learn more about the opportunities we offer.